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Corporate Social Responsibility

LBI Media, Inc. strives to not only be a partner but also an advocate for the Latino community it serves. As the largest Latino-owned Spanish-language broadcaster in the U.S., we understand that the Latino community’s issues are our issues as well, so we stand as one with our community.

In 2016, LBI Media, Inc. launched the “Yo Soy El Voto” community-focused effort to inspire voter registration and motivate Hispanic turnout during the 2016 election cycle.   


“Yo Soy El Voto,” a community and news based, voter-education effort in partnership with non profit organization Mi Familia Vota, was created to serve as a multimedia platform to help the Latino community better understand political candidates and the issues driving the 2016 election.  It was created by LBI Media, Inc., as an empowerment multimedia mobilization tool to get the Latino community registered to vote, as well as to empower, motivate and educate them about the issues at stake, and remind them to vote in November.

As part of the implementation of the “Yo Soy El Voto” campaign, LBI Media, Inc., committed to provide its star talent in voter-themed features and vignettes on its TV, radio and social media platforms, including participation at public institutions and events.  In radio, Tuesdays were reserved as “Martes Politico,” (Political Tuesdays) with weekly themes relating to events of relevance to the Hispanic community, such as education, immigration, political conventions, and Hispanic Heritage Month. Estrella TV’s political affairs show, “En La Lucha,” hosted by renowned Mexican political journalist Pedro Ferriz, featured key figures such as presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders, congresswoman and senate candidate Loretta Sanchez, as well as local and state leaders, and community advocacy groups to discuss issues that are of extreme importance to the Latino constituency.



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For the past two years, LBI Media’s Houston flagship radio stations KTJM-FM 98.5/103.3 and KQQK-FM 107.9 have conducted a successful two day “Radiothon,” which has raised close to $1 million in support of The Children’s Miracle Network and Texas Children’s Hospital.  In 2015 and 2016, during the month of April, LBI Media’s two flagship radio stations in Houston, “La Raza” and “El Norte” conducted a 14-hour “Radiothon” in an effort to raise funds to support Texas Children’s Hospital. In two years, the generous support of the stations’ combined Latino radio listeners raised close to $1 million.

Texas Children’s Hospital is one of the top ranked children’s hospitals in the United States and their mission states that no child is denied care, regardless of their family’s ability to pay.  Over 30,000 children are admitted each year and over $100 million in care is provided to families who cannot afford it. Texas Children’s Hospital has worked to create a healthier Houston for over 60 years.

For two days, KTJM and KQQK DJ’s and personalities shared many emotional stories with patients, parents, doctors and volunteers. LBI Media’s staff worked tirelessly to ensure their fundraising goals were met and their commitment and dedication certainly did not go unnoticed.  At LBI Media we practice what we preach, and we stand as one with our community. This is what broadcasters do, this is what LBI Media practices; we speak to the local markets we serve. Many of our listeners called to share their personal stories of how Texas Children’s Hospital has helped their families and changed their lives.  Our audience responded with an incredible and record-breaking outpouring of support.

In 2015, in two days, over 2,700 listeners donated over $525,000. This was a record outpouring of donations for a first-time effort and a first for any market in which the Children’s Miracle Network has partnered with a media company. In 2016 the donations reached a total of $417,000 and given LBI Media’s fundraising feat, the Children’s Miracle Network has selected LBI Media’s radio stations in Dallas as its official media partners for a similar “Radiothon” in 2017 in that market.

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Over the last four years, LBI Media’s radio stations in conjunction with Supermercado El Rancho, a local grocery chain with 13 locations in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, have collectively raised close to $100,000 for the Pleasant Grove Food Pantry of South East Dallas.  The fundraiser has allowed the pantry to continue furthering their services in the community they support, where the demographic is primarily Hispanic.  On average, the pantry provides approximately 150,000 meals to roughly 25,000 children, adults and senior citizens each year.  LBI Media is humbled by the positive impact its efforts have made and we are proud to continue supporting the community we serve.