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Estrella TV is one of America’s most popular and fastest-growing Hispanic television networks.  Launched in 2009, Estrella TV has grown to include 50 broadcast affiliates, and ten owned and operated television stations, and has built a catalog of more than 7,500 hours of programming now being distributed by the company worldwide. 

Since its inception in 2009, Estrella TV has been the only Spanish language broadcaster that has catered to the US Hispanic market, featuring relevant and original programming, which is clearly distinguished from a traditional telenovela format.  Estrella TV has differentiated itself from its two leading Spanish television competitors, Univision and Telemundo, by producing fast-paced and alternative programming that US Hispanics have consistently identified with, as evidenced by the latest Nielsen ratings. Shows such as “Tengo Talento, Mucho Talento,” “Rica Famosa Latina,” “Noches Con Platanito,” and “Alarma TV,” have proven to be ratings successes for the network, and continue to attract millennial viewers nationwide.

Estrella TV offers an original approach to Spanish language TV programming- including national and local news shows, political shows, sports, variety, talk, reality, drama, music, and comedy programming – all primarily produced at its Empire Television Studios in Burbank, California by a predominantly Hispanic workforce.

Estrella TV provides relevant and original programing that is unrivaled and unparalleled by any other Spanish language network in the U.S. Estrella TV is the only Spanish language network airing programming produced exclusively in the U.S.  Each week, the network produces over 56 hours of television programming. Estrella TV produces programming that speaks to U.S. Hispanic audiences. Estrella TV is the only Spanish language network creating original Spanish language content in the U.S. that is relevant, entertaining and that caters to Hispanics living in this country, not abroad. 

Additionally, the company has added television production facilities in Houston and Dallas to produce local programming for those markets. The company currently employs over 800 people nationwide and serves as a gateway for Hispanics looking to break into the entertainment industry. Estrella TV started with nine broadcast affiliates and now has 41, including major media companies like Hearst, TEGNA, Sinclair and Nexstar, as well as various minority-owned station groups.  

Estrella TV offers a successful, alternative voice to the Hispanic market. The network is the only Spanish-language source for primetime news, and as such, routinely breaks stories first, opposite the competition’s telenovelas. “Cierre de Edición,” the network’s national newscast is led by one of Spanish language’s most respected and renowned journalists, Mr. Pedro Ferriz, who joined the network in early 2016. 

In the entertainment space, Estrella TV offers a wide variety of programming that ranges from reality TV to game shows.  Some of the network’s most popular shows include: The reality-based series Rica Famosa Latina; the long-running and top rated talent competition show “Tengo Talento Mucho Talento;” Noches Con Platanito, the only late-night talk show format in Spanish-language television in the U.S., which has become a must-stop visit for Hollywood A-listers and Latino celebrities alike; Alarma TV, a popular news magazine program; iTestigo, a news-based program featuring user-generated content that empowers viewers to become “citizen reporters,”and En Vivo, a daily entertainment news magazine. 

In 2017, EstrellaTV was the only Spanish-language network, broadcaster or cable with total day growth.  While all of its competitors experienced a drop in ratings, EstrellaTV grew its audience +12% vs. 2016.

Currently, EstrellaTV is available in 40+ million homes via key national distribution agreements with AT&T/DirecTV, Dish Network, Spectrum, and Cox Communications, to name a few. In 2017, 11 million homes were added.  EstrellaTV’s continued growth is evidenced by its ten owned and operated stations (O&O’s) and its number of broadcast affiliates, which went from nine in 2009 to 41 by 2017; some of these include major media companies like Hearst, TEGNA, Sinclair and Nexstar, as well as various minority-owned station groups.

Source: Nielsen National TV View; C3 (000); 3Q16 to date (06/27/2016 - 08/21/2016) vs 3Q15 to date 

(06/29/2015 - 08/23/2015); excludes sports; networks and demos as stated.


Television Opportunities:

    • Product Integration – LBI is second to none in finding creative ways to maximize campaign ROI by organically integrating products and services into programming across multiple platforms that include network television, local television, radio, grass roots events, digital content and social media.  

    • Branded Content – LBI is at the forefront of the ultimate marketing tool, branded content.  With its extensive production capabilities, LBI is able to affordably produce high-quality specials and series exclusively for major brands across all categories and on both network and digital platforms.

    • Talent Endorsements – Companies may have their product or service endorsed by LBI’s own television, radio or digital talent.  LBI also can provide access to today’s top musical artists pairing them with brands that are looking to benefit from the instant credibility that celebrity endorsements create.

    • Talent Appearances – Estrella TV stars are available for in-person appearances anywhere.  LBI’s television and radio celebrities can fly from LA and Mexico to local markets to draw a crowd to any business, creating significant foot-traffic and increased awareness.

    • Longform – From start to finish, Estrella TV’s professional staff works with its clients to create tailored 30-minute advertising shows.  Estrella TV longform programs have proven to be successful across every industry.

    • Web-Linked Sponsorships – Links clients’ websites to Estrella TV’s program sites for additional awareness of their products or services.

    • Cross Promotion between television and radio advertising – The majority of LBI clients utilize both television and radio in reaching new clients.  Many advertisers purchase LBI stations across all markets and enjoy the synergies that multi-platform advertising creates.

    • Premios de la Radio- LBI Media’s premier awards show, is the only televised awards show that honors and recognizes excellence in regional Mexican music in the U.S.  According to a 2015 RIAA Latin Music Report, this music genre still accounts for 48% of all Latin music sales in the country, and “Premios de la Radio” celebrates the talent and importance of artists in regional Mexican music, making it one of the most popular music awards shows in the U.S. as well as a huge ratings success for Estrella TV.  Since its inception, the show has consistently garnered the #1 spot in TV ratings in the Los Angeles market and has reached the #2 spot nationwide in prime time among various demographic groups.




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Noches con Platanito

Noches Con Platanito is the only late night talk show in Spanish language television that Hollywood A-listers and Latino celebrities are visiting and talking about.

Hispanic audiences now have their own choice for late night talk in prime time in the U.S. Noches Con Platanito is hosted by international star and comedic genius Sergio Verduzco, AKA Platanito, and features superstar artist interviews, great musical performances and a wide variety of entertaining games and sketches. Noches Con Platanito’s ratings success has turned it into one of the most sought-after late night bookings for Hollywood and Latino celebrities alike. 




Tengo Talento Mucho Talento

Estrella TV’s longest running and highest rated talent competition show holds auditions for thousands of contestants across the country in search of American’s next superstar. 

The show boasts four superstar judges: recording star Ana Barbara, iconic radio personality Don Cheto, internationally-renowned music producer Pepe Garza and Grammy-nominated Regional Mexican artist Gerardo Ortiz make one person’s dreams come true with a $100,000 grand prize, along with career-launching support of LBI Media and Estrella TV. Previous celebrity judges have included the late Jenni Rivera and most recently, Luis Coronel.



Rica Famosa Latina

Rica Famosa Latina is a real life drama TV show that follows a group of successful women and the glamorous lives they lead. 

Forget Telenovelas and make room for the only “housewives” show on Spanish television, Rica Famosa Latina. Follow the ladies in the vibrant city of Los Angeles and as they travel around the world, and witness how they balance motherhood, men, successful careers and elite society obligations in their killer heels. 


Alarma TV

Alarma TV is one of the most popular news programs in the Hispanic market.

Alarma TV features exclusive news stories and reporting from throughout Latin America and presents hard-hitting stories from across the globe. Hosts Jorge Antolin and Lianna Grethel bring their years of experience in presenting news and provide a unique perspective into world events. 


Las Vega's

“Las Vega’s” is a one-hour sitcom that revolves around the lives of four women who uncover several unknown facts about their deceased husband/father and are faced with serious decisions about their future.

When they learn that their “conservative” patriarch was really the owner of a gentleman’s club, these otherwise sheltered women embrace a new opportunity to start their lives from scratch.  “Las Vega’s,” play on words for the glitzy Nevada city, but referring to the family’s last name, takes four women on a journey to turn their husband/father’s gentleman’s club upside down by opening a new and exclusive club targeting the female audience.




Estrella TV’s newest high stakes, fast-paced game show is inspired by a popular Don Cheto Radio Show trivia contest. 

Tumba Burros takes the internationally popular Carlos Eduardo Rico and Alma Cero to Hispanic homes across the country on a quest to give away thousands of dollars by having participants answer questions of increasing difficulty. The show takes TV into viewers’ living rooms with a fun and big money game show. Cleverly written trivia questions reveal fun and entertaining facts while family interaction (children, grandparents, in-laws and neighbors) makes this show a hit for the entire family.



Buenos Días Familia

Buenos Dias Familia is a fast paced one-hour morning show hosted by Jose Luis Gonzalez and Claudia González “La Coqueta.”

The show features current newsworthy events, celebrity interviews, human-interest stories and the latest entertainment news. Estrella TV personality Anaís Salazar also delivers news updates in special segments throughout the morning show.


El Show de Franco Escamilla

“El Show de Franco Escamilla” is a late night talk show format featuring celebrity interviews, comedy sketches and entertaining games.

The show airs weekly, Sunday nights at 10 PM/9 PM Central. With over 1.5 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, Franco Escamilla has become one of Latin America’s most followed, admired and decorated young standup comedians, and one of YouTube’s fastest growing and hottest celebrity sensations.  Escamilla has put stand up comedy on the map in Latin America and now brings his enormous talent to Estrella TV.



iTestigo brings broadcast television together with digital and social media like never before.

iTestigo is a news-based program featuring user-generated content that empowers viewers to become “citizen reporters” and to capture and report on newsworthy events and issues in their own neighborhoods. The show airs Monday through Friday at 3:00PM EST/ 2:00PM.



Primera Edición

Primera Edición, is Estrella TV’s first morning national newscast. It's a first look at the news and current events impacting the Latino community in the US, featuring seasoned Estrella TV personality Anaís Salazar (7:30 AM/6:30 C).


Boxeo Estelar

Estrella TV’s exclusive boxing matches in partnership with Oscar de la Hoya and his Golden Boy Promotions air nationally every other Friday night.

The series showcases the brightest rising stars in boxing and presents the exciting matchups in a one of a kind atmosphere. To date, ringside celebrities have included Ronda Rousey, Mario Lopez, Kate Del Castillo, George Lopez and many others.


En La Lucha

In the style of “Meet the Press,” this weekly Sunday news program features rising political stars and social influencers ready to sound off with their own passionate voices. En La Lucha gears up each week to ask the tough questions, holding politicians accountable for their actions and positions on issues affecting the Hispanic community in the United States.


Cierre de Edicion

Cierre de Edición is Estrella TV's leading national newscast, featuring news stories on U.S. Hispanics, national and international politics, entertainment, immigration, health care, education and other topics of interest to the Latino community.

Featuring a team of dedicated journalists across the U.S. and Latin America, this is the only network news program in Spanish language prime time, and as such, is the first to present the critical issues affecting the community. Newsworthy events from Mexico, Central and South America are also a significant part of this news show's daily content Monday through Friday, 10:30PM EST/9:30PM. Hosted by highly respected journalist and news anchor, Pedro Ferriz Hijar, Noticiero Cierre de Edición provides in-depth news analysis and covers important issues that matter to the community.


En Vivo

Hosted by Christian Ramos and Victoria Del Rosal, this popular entertainment news show dishes on the latest celebrity stories and features interviews and live musical performances from today’s most recognized stars in the music industry. The show airs Monday through Friday at 5:00PM EST/ 4:00PM.

Hosted by Christian Ramos and Victoria Del Rosal, this popular entertainment news show dishes on the latest celebrity stories and features interviews and live musical performances from today’s most recognized stars in the music industry. The show airs Monday through Friday at 5:00PM EST/ 4:00PM.



Esto Es Guerra

“Esto es Guerra” embraces the spirit of serious competition shows like “American Ninja Warriors” and channels the humor of the physically challenging “I Survived a Japanese Game Show” into a compelling hour of television.  But on this show, the gladiators are all celebrities and the stakes are high.

Hosted by Peruvian star Matias Brivio, comedian Teo Gonzalez and Colombian beauty, Andrea Rincon, “Esto es Guerra” boasts a million dollar set and hundreds of challenging physical competitions with high production values and impressive stunt construction.  Whether it’s a two-story soccer field or trampoline sharp shooting over a pool of alligator-filled water, “Esto es Guerra” will impress and engage audiences.

This one-hour program begins with two teams of four celebrities and, through a series of dangerous and compelling physical stunts, participants are eliminated until a winner is crowned.

Audiences will be riveted as stars of film, television, sports and the recording industry battle to earn the title of ultimate warrior on “Esto es Guerra” and avoid being carried out on a stretcher. The stunts are real…the action is mesmerizing…and the competition is second to none.

“Esto es Guerra” is the perfect combination of creative and challenging stunts with celebrities demonstrating their physical abilities and competitive spirit.  With impressive production values, “Esto es Guerra” is a natural audience favorite.


Historias Delirantes

From stories of the unexplained, this series combines suspense and intrigue with the paranormal.

Each episode tells a different story: money, love, mystery, relationships, past lives, passion and above all, justice. Inspired by pages of the ancient Hispanic American legend, “La Llorona” (Weeping Woman folk tale), these interesting and compelling stories are “can’t miss” television.


Lagrimita y Costel

Lagrimita y Costel are a pair of legendary Mexican comedy performers that bring their ingenious physical comedy to the craziest variety show on television. 

From amateur singing contests, complete with a gong, to famous comedy sketches like “La Escuelita”, “El Show de Lagrimita y Costel” delivers fun for the entire family. 

Huge guest comedians like Pepe Magaña and Carlos Espejel bring the very best in hilarious entertainment to Estrella TV viewers every afternoon.  The biggest names in music also come and perform their greatest hits, all in front of the live studio audience.  Tune in for one of the fastest moving, craziest variety shows on television!



LOL is a scripted comedy sketch show comprised of a unique series of comedy vignettes filmed on location around the world. 

The show airs at 4:00 PM/3:00 PM CST and 11:30 PM/10:30 PM CST Monday through Friday. “LOL” is a distdstinctively unique comedy show entirely shot in exotic locations such as Mexico, Morocco, Switzerland, Dominican Republic, Greece and Cuba showcasing hilarious comedy skits without the use of verbal dialogue.


Noticiero Estrella TV

Veteran journalist and anchor, Adriana Yañez, brings her passion for news to viewers every day by breaking stories nationally and from around the world.

Noticiero Estrella TV airs Monday through Friday at 5:30PM EST/4:30PM. Every afternoon, the Latino community in the United States will have timely and factual information about issues happening nationally and in their respective native countries. The most relevant issues from around the world are presented to viewers by a team of dedicated reporters across the U.S. and Latin America.


Que Jalada

Likes…Shares…Viral Videos…The Social Media phenomenon cannot be restrained.  And now, with “Que Jalada,” the lighter side of these mesmerizing slices of life is captured by a group of comedians.  

Actor and comedian, Kristoff, shows off his quick wit as host of “Que Jalada,” together with a panel of celebrity commentators like Fabiola Campomanes, “El Diablito,” Carlos Espejel, Andrés Almeida, and many more.  These actors and comedians offer irreverent and hilarious insights into the top videos that are causing worldwide sensations and even stage wildly funny recreations of these unbelievable acts of physical ability and base stupidity. 

“Que Jalada” is recorded in front of a live studio audience while presenting the funniest moments of “Real Life.”  An immediate fan favorite, “Que Jalada” has quickly become one of the most popular shows on Estrella TV.


Tarde Lo Conocí

“Tarde Lo Conocí” is an epic bio series and CaracolTV original based on the life and time of musical superstar Patricia Teherán. 

Starring Maria Elisa Camargo in the lead role and with Roberto Urbina and Javier Jattin, “Tarde Lo Co    Conocí” tells the life adventures of Teherán as she rises from poverty to stardom and faces the personal challenges that take her down a tumultuous and tragic fast path of fame and misfortune.  The series will air Monday through Frid  Friday at 7PM/6PM CST.